After eight years of sharpening, Solar-LIT brought a full range of products to SNEC 2023

Release time: 2023-05-31 17:43:15.697

From May 24th to 26th, the 16th SNEC (2023) PV Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.The exhibition attracted more than 3,100 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition, bringing together more than 4,000 global industry leaders and professionals, and attracting more than 500,000 visitors from home and abroad. It can be described as an unprecedented prosperity.  


  Meet in Shanghai and build PV together  

  In its 8-year history, Solar-LIT has always been rooted in PV intelligent cleaning robots, committed to providing integrated intelligent operation and maintenance equipment, software, services, and overall solutions for post-operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations for new energy photovoltaic power stations, it has been recognized by the market in 15+ countries and regions in the world.

  At the SNEC PV exhibition, Solar-LIT brought intelligent waterless cleaning robots, distributed cleaning robots, Solar-LIT robot intelligent operation and maintenance system, drone operation and maintenance system, and power station intelligent operation and maintenance system-----the overall solution of integrated intelligent operation and maintenance of PV power plants made a wonderful appearance.  



  Hardcore new products, wonderful appearance  

  The intelligent operation and maintenance system of Solar-LIT PV power station debuted at SNEC 2023, integrating digital information technology and IOT technology, with five capabilities of digital linking, refined management, intelligent analysis, platform operation, and ecological development.The functions are streamlined and efficient, the data acquisition accuracy is high, the transmission is high-speed and reliable, and it can realize all-round intelligent safety monitoring, intelligent detection and early warning, accurate fault positioning, and massive data storage and analysis to escort the efficient operation of the power station.  


  Star products, bright future  

  Combining the actual experience of the 5GW+ project, Solar-LIT has comprehensively upgraded Ace Product the intelligent dry cleaning and cleaning robot, and has made all-round improvements in appearance, performance, and adaptation to scenarios. This time, it made a brand new appearance at SNEC 2023. The shocking dynamic demonstration fully demonstrated its strong obstacle-crossing ability, reliability, and stability, and attracted an endless stream of viewers to stop and consult. It has become the “star product” at this booth.  



  Return with a reputation and highly recognized  

  Solar-LIT has won the “PVBL2023 Most Growing PV Brand” award for its strong scientific and technological strength in the fields of intelligent operation and maintenance of power stations and intelligent cleaning robots, as well as rich and mature practical experience in projects far exceeding 5GW at home and abroad.  



  The sun is raising, the future is promising

  Facing the huge blue ocean market for the operation and maintenance of PV power plants, opportunities and challenges coexist.In the future, we will still pursue the corporate philosophy of “winning by quality, innovation and development, and pursuing excellence”, provide customers with more efficient new energy (PV) intelligent operation and maintenance equipment and services, promote the overall operation capabilities of PV power plants, improve the overall revenue of PV power plants, and create a smart new world with blue sky and white clouds for mankind! Boost the Solar Industry and Lead the Pack of Intelligence

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