Photovoltaic cleaning robot becomes the helper of photovoltaic power station operation

Release time: 2022-10-25 22:08:30.296

Ash deposition on photovoltaic power generation components will block sunlight and reduce the solar radiation energy received by the components. Researchers from Chongqing University tested the efficiency of components before and after cleaning, and found that the conversion efficiency of components after cleaning was 71.2% higher than that before cleaning. In addition, if you do not deal with the ash deposition on components, it will lead to uneven distribution of ash deposition, which will lead to long-term existence of hot spots, excessive temperature, EVA delamination, back plate burns and other serious potential safety hazards.

Photovoltaic cleaning robot has a wide range of applications

At present, the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations are generally conducted manually. In addition to low efficiency and high risk, the poor outdoor operation and maintenance environment makes it difficult to operate and maintain, and it is difficult to ensure the personal safety of operation and maintenance personnel; In addition, the event that the operation and maintenance personnel step on the components also happens frequently, which causes the cracking of components, affects the service life of battery components, and even causes power plant accidents; In addition, the quality and safety risks of photovoltaic power plants cannot be ignored. The hot spot of components, DC arc, low cable load flow, current backflow and other fires pose a threat to the safety and efficient operation of photovoltaic power plant equipment and the personal safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

For photovoltaic power plants with serious pollution, an effective way to increase power generation is to clean components. Photovoltaic cleaning robot can realize automatic cleaning of power station without manual intervention. Through regular cleaning, automatic positioning and charging, high-frequency automatic cleaning basically keeps the components dust-free. After years of development, this product has led the development of the photovoltaic power station intelligent operation and maintenance robot industry. This product can be applied to power stations in different application scenarios. At present, the product has been applied to photovoltaic power stations with a capacity of more than 1 GW.

The operation and maintenance of photovoltaic cleaning robot reduces the cost of electricity consumption, reduces personnel safety accidents, increases, reduces personnel safety accidents, and increases power generation.


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