A new industry benchmark! In only 2 months, Solar-LIT completed the ARCS commissioning of 1.2GW solar in Sudair Project

Release time: 2023-12-15 14:34:39.773

Solar-LIT Strength, build up steadily and carry on sustainably.

Recently, Sudair 1.8GW PV plant has successfully connected to the grid. As the largest individual PV project in-operation in Saudi Arabia, It is expected to provide sustainable green power for 185,000 households, which can offset nearly 2.9 million tons of carbon emissions per year.

As the exclusive supplier of Automatic Robotic Cleaning System(ARCS) for Sudair solar project, and with rich team experience and high-quality, high-stability products, Solar-LIT completed the delivery and commissioning of 5538 sets 2m robot in a very short time. Especially in the last three blocks of 1.2GW, robot commissioning is completed in only 2 months. It creates the highest commissioning efficiency record for ARCS in the global market.

This ARCS commissioning record has set a new benchmark for the industry , and has been highly recognized by the Senior Vice President and Projects Director from Larsen and Toubro (the EPC). The client team wrote a mail specifically to express their appreciation of Solar-LIT support and efforts.

It is of great significance as it proves the high efficiency of Solar-LIT team and reliability of Solar-LIT products. As the market leader in ARCS for solar plant, Solar-LIT will continue to contribute to the global "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" with our best technological advantages, product innovation and rich experience.

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