"Best Innovation of the Year-Robotic Cleaning" ,Solar-LIT win continous Awards

Release time: 2023-11-17 14:25:58.852

On November 3, Solar Assets Middle East 2023 Summit was successfully held in Dubai, which attracted many industry personnel, including local government agencies, project developers, solar EPC companies, equipment manufacturers, solar energy service providers.

Solar-LIT Middle East Sales Director Fiona Yang, business director Mr. Kshitish and other team members attended this summit and shared Solar-LIT rich project execution experience in Middle East market, which attracted high attention from the guests.

During the summit, the "Solar Assets Leadership Middle East Awards 2023" award ceremony was held at the same time. As a market leader in Middle East, Solar-LIT, with its excellent R&D and innovation capabilities, awarded the Middle East " Best Innovation of the Year-Robotic Cleaning" award. This honor is not only the affirmation of Solar-LIT business development, but also the recognition of Solar-LIT’s contribution to intelligent Solar-LIT operation and maintenance.


Boost the Solar Industry Lead the Pack of Intelligence

Solar-LIT always aims to improve the overall revenue of solar power stations, and is committed to providing efficient PV cleaning robot solutions. The LIT series and Solar-X series automatic cleaning robot could realize waterless cleaning, high cleaning effiicency, strong reliability, and no manual intervention for different application environments such as ground power stations, water PV and rooftop PV etc.

Solar-LIT cleaning robot is safe and reliable with full certification coverage, including CE certification for overal robot, IP certification, anti-UV certification, and robot are compatible with mainstream module and trackers in the market. Solar-LIT cleaning efficiency can be more than 99.5%.  According to the different environment of the solar plants, the generation capacity can be increased by about 5%-35%, and the annualized comprehensive revenue of solar plants increased by about 8%. Therefore, Solar-lit can effectively control operating costs, shorten the capital return cycle, and efficiently help enterprises to improve quality and efficiency.

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