Good news | Solar-lit PV cleaning robot boost Oman Manah II project, increase power efficiency

Release time: 2023-10-24 16:39:16.665

In the tide of renewable energy development, Solar-lit Technology once again showed its world-class leading position. Cooperating with China Energy Construction Power Engineering Shanxi Institute, Solar-lit announced an exciting cooperation ——  providing fully automatic cleaning robot solution for the Manah II PV power generation project in Oman. Through the cooperation with Shanxi Institute of China Energy Construction Power Engineering, Soalr-lit Technology has taken a solid step towards the future of global renewable energy industry.

The Manah II PV project  located in Oman Manah, covering an area of 680.35 hectares, with a total installed capacity of 588.2 MW, and also includes a new 400 kV booster station and transmission line. The project, part of the Oman government's 2040 Vision plan, aims to increase the share of new energy installations to 20% and electricity generated from renewable sources to 40%.

Oman Manah II PV power station located in desert areas, featuring with high temperature exceeding 50℃, complex terrain and geology,  frequent sandstorms. When a storm hits, dust will block the sun, after the storm, the PV panels will accumulate a thick layer of dust, seriously affecting the efficiency of power generation.

In order to cope with the adverse impact of sandstorms on power generation, Soalr-lit Technology will provide an automatic cleaning robot cleaning solution for the project. These intelligent cleaning robots will automatically clean and maintain on the PV panels, which can greatly improve the efficiency of PV power generation and reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

More significantly, the clean energy generated by the Manah II PV project when put into operation is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 340,000 tons per year, providing strong support for the global climate change response. The move will also significantly ease the power pressure of the power grid in Manah and surrounding areas, and make a great contribution to the Oman government to achieve its national new energy strategic goals. Soalr-lit Technology looks forward to dedicating its own strength and making unremitting efforts for the development and utilization of global renewable resources.

Soalr-lit Technology has always been aiming to improve the overall revenue of PV power stations, and is committed to providing efficient PV cleaning robot solutions. The company's LIT series and Solar-X series intelligent cleaning robots can achieve waterless cleaning, high cleaning rate, strong reliability and no manual intervention. Soalr-lit cleaning robot certification coverage is complete, through the whole machine CE, IP65, anti-UV and other certification, and through the compatibility test with the leading trackers  on the market, the product is safe and reliable. After using the Soalr-lit cleaning robot, the cleaning rate of the surface of the PV panels is over 99.5%. According to the different environment of the power station, the power generation can be increased by about 5% -35%, and the annual comprehensive income of the PV power station can be increased by about 8%. Therefore, Soalr-lit technology can effectively control the operating costs, shorten the return cycle of capital, and efficiently help enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency.

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