Detailed introduction of cheap agrivoltaic cleaning

Release time: 2023-03-30 14:31:06.524

At present, cheap agricultural photovoltaic equipment is widely used and used frequently. The product has a lot of dust on the outside during long-term use. If cheap agrivoltaic cleaning is not carried out, the normal use of the equipment will be affected, and in severe cases, the photovoltaic panels in the equipment will be burned. In order to avoid this situation, we must carry out cheap agrivoltaic cleaning regularly. The following is a detailed introduction about agrivoltaic cleaning.
1. Cleaning cycle.
Generally speaking, April to September is very suitable for cheap agrivoltaic cleaning. The temperature during this time period is ideal for cleaning equipment, neither too hot nor too cold. But that doesn't mean cleaning isn't necessary the rest of the year. When the photovoltaic panels of the equipment are blocked by dust, they also need to be cleaned in time.
2. Cleaning method.
There are two main methods of cheap agrivoltaic cleaning, namely temporary cleaning and centralized cleaning.
1. Temporary cleaning will appear in the daily maintenance plan. The main purpose is to avoid excessive dust caused by the surface of the photovoltaic panel not being cleaned for a long time. After cleaning, the working efficiency of the equipment will be greatly improved.
2. Concentrated cleaning is a deeper cleaning method. Through centralized cleaning, the entire equipment can be cleaned more thoroughly and the product can be better maintained.
The above are some methods of cheap agrivoltaic cleaning.

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