How should agrivoltaic cleaning be carried out

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As we all know, agricultural cleaning can guarantee the income of photovoltaic power generation. So how should agricultural  cleaning be carried out?
1. Agricultura cleaning can be carried out by ordinary users, but the following points must be done. If the conditions cannot be met, please do not force yourself, you can entrust a professional team to do it for you.
2. When women are working, it is not recommended to wear skirts, work clothes and hair should be tied; men's clothes should not have thread ends or hooks to avoid entanglement.
3. It is recommended to choose the time for agricultural photovoltaics in the morning, evening or cloudy days; avoid agrivoltaic cleaning in the hot sun or high temperature, which may cause electric shock or hot spot effect caused by human shadows.
4. When the photovoltaic module is at high temperature, do not wash it with cold water to avoid glass bursting.
5.Agrivoltaic cleaning cannot be carried out in strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and heavy snow.
6. Metal parts such as aluminum frames and brackets may have sharp angles, which may cause cuts and electric leakage risks. It is recommended to wear insulating gloves and boots to ensure personal safety.
7. It is forbidden to step on or borrow power from photovoltaic modules, brackets, cables and other equipment.
8. Agrivoltaic cleaning is mainly to remove dust, scale, leaves, bird droppings, etc., to prevent uneven heating, local coking, and even fires.
9. Avoid heat dissipation and reduce conversion efficiency.
10. Agrivoltaic cleaning should avoid acid and alkali dirt corroding the surface glass, resulting in roughness and unevenness. In addition, the accumulation of dust and dirt will also cause diffuse reflection of sunlight and reduce the ability to receive light.

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