Advantages of photovoltaic robot

Release time: 2022-10-25 22:14:53.387

Through the continuous research and development of photovoltaic robots, the equipment functions are becoming more and more perfect, and the degree of intelligence is becoming higher and higher, which easily solves the cleaning problem of photovoltaic power stations. Compared with manual cleaning operation and maintenance, intelligent operation and maintenance photovoltaic robot has the following advantages:

1. No personnel safety risk.

The use of automatic cleaning equipment has completely replaced manual work, effectively solved the problems of hidden cracks of battery panels, personnel safety, etc., resulting in uneven manual cleaning efforts;

2. Low average cost

For industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power plants, the cost of manual cleaning once can reach 5000~8000/MW, 12 times a year, and the lower cost of manual cleaning within 10 years can reach 600000 yuan. The service life of the automatic cleaning equipment is 10 years, and the one-time investment cost is about 200000 yuan/MW, which is far lower than the cost of manual cleaning.

3. Good cleaning effect

Automatic cleaning equipment is used for cleaning components, which can be cleaned once a day and 365 times a year, leaving the components in a dust-free state, far from being comparable to manual cleaning.

At present, most industrial and commercial rooftop power stations still use manual cleaning to deal with dust pollution, which is not only inefficient, but also inconvenient to take water, so there is a great demand for water. At the same time, due to the long-term operation, maintenance and cleaning of the roof, the waterproof layer of the roof is damaged or the components are cracked due to trampling.

However, the photovoltaic robot adopts an automatic power supply system and a special cleaning brush, which can automatically start the equipment cleaning according to the actual rain and dust conditions, greatly improving the cleaning effect and effectively solving the dust pollution problem of the power station. At the same time, the photovoltaic robot provides an operation and maintenance monitoring platform, which can realize remote multi device real-time control through wireless communication, and monitor the operation status and data of all robots. Through the data access to the on-site power generation equipment, the data analysis and statistics of the power generation of the power station are carried out, and the fault and alarm information of the power generation equipment are actively prompted and pushed. The application equipment of intelligent photovoltaic power station has realized such intelligent modes as remote fault diagnosis, extreme weather self-protection, precipitation linkage cleaning, hot spot detection, and promoted the manual operation and maintenance of the power station.

Intelligent cleaning of photovoltaic power station is an inevitable development trend of fine operation and maintenance of power station. Only by becoming more intelligent can the power plant owner and the operation and maintenance company achieve a win-win situation, the market can be healthier, labor input can be reduced, and labor costs can be reduced.

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