Application of Photovoltaic Robot in Photovoltaic Field

Release time: 2022-10-25 22:16:27.664

As a major photovoltaic construction and export country, China has strong strength in the global market. The progress in manufacturing and processing technology of domestic photovoltaic industry also makes China's photovoltaic industry have a high core competitiveness in the global market.

Domestic industrial equipment enterprises continue to promote the vigorous application of robots in the photovoltaic industry, and have developed special application robots. Photovoltaic robots are widely used in robot photovoltaic panel making, series welding, stacking, handling and other process links.

1. Grab the glass, clean it and place EVA.

The photovoltaic robot is installed at the beginning of the production line, which is responsible for taking glass from the tray, cleaning and drying with photovoltaic glass, and then laying transparent EVA film on the glass plate.

2. Typesetting battery string.

The robot is used to place the battery string on the glass with high speed and high accuracy. Because the application has special requirements for robots, Eston has developed a special high inertia robot for typesetting. The robot can effectively connect batteries in series with the Easton vision system, and the accuracy reaches the international standard.

3. Framed and automatically trimmed.

Photovoltaic robots are also very suitable for assembling solar panels, because they can quickly adapt to product conversion. After laminating, the photovoltaic components are cut by the robot with cutting tools, repaired and delivered to the frame robot workstation. A robot absorbs the PV components and places them on the tape bonding workstation to wind and seal the tape. When finished, the robot puts it into the frame installation machine. After another robot picks up the frame, the frame is also placed in the frame installation machine. Then, the frame installation machine conducts frame organization operation. After completion, the second robot will suck it into the conveyor belt for subsequent angle pressing and filing. Next, a multi task robot glues the junction box to the photovoltaic components, and a robot equipped with an inductive welding head completes the welding work.

4. Test and classify component power.

The photovoltaic robot measures the output power and relevant parameters of the photovoltaic modules of the photovoltaic near detection equipment, labels the output power of the solar modules, installs the protection angle, grabs the modules, and places them neatly on the tray according to the classification requirements.

The photovoltaic industry has begun to show the dawn, and every trend on its development path is still challenging automation enterprises.


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